Title: To You I will Always Return
23" x 23" framed  -Mixed media, glass paint, paper resin,

My Background


My 40+ year professional career has transitioned from working in hot glass to new work which I consider primarily in the realm of mixed media, with a focus of incorporating glass into solid, diorama-like wall pieces. 

Born and raised in New York City, my curiosity and passion were ignited as a young woman by the visual arts and glass in particular.

My Medium


The 3-D, mixed media fine art pieces consist of many sheets of glass, both clear and tinted, into which I embed dreamlike images into layers which adds mystery and an anecdotal component to the work. I incorporate, paint, paper, photographic processes, kiln cast glass, resin, glue, encaustics, fused glass, silk-screened glass, fused fired decals, sandblasted glass and found objects. 

My Inspiration


Dreams, music and personal experiences are the basis for most of the inspirations of my images. What has emerged from my consiousness, links together the seductiveness of glass, and the interplay of color, with form, light, shadows, transparency, depth and texture. All  finely crafted in a parallax view, which is apparent when you view the art in person.